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Outdoor Heating

Extend your spring and summer evenings in the open air, with Herschel's outdoor heating range, suitable for domestic and commercial uses.

Herschel's Outdoor heating solutions

In recent years the lines between indoor and outdoor living have become blurred; restaurants and homes alike have seen a huge shift towards indoor entertaining spaces that open up into outdoor spaces.

Until now heating these areas has been difficult, most heaters are unattractive and produce an uncomfortable glare. This has all changed and Herschel has specially developed a range of high quality, high performance and stylish heaters ideal for these situations.

For exposed outdoor areas we recommend warm glow heaters from our Sunset range: The California and Colorado.

For indoor and sheltered outdoor areas our zero light heaters: The Aspect XL and Summit are the perfect choice. All heaters are suitable for domestic and commercial use.

Ideal for wall mounting, the Aspect XL utilises lower temperature far infrared and is specially designed for zoned heating of covered or semi-covered areas with low air movement or wind.
Suitable for commercial uses such as cafes, restaurants and pubs and anywhere where a more permanent outdoor heat is required in covered or semi covered areas. Residential uses range from balconies, patio areas and conservatories.

Control of Summit, Colorado and California is provided by a remote control (supplied with heater).

Outdoor Heaters

Aspect XL 1300 / 1950

Key Features:

  • Zero light designer heater
  • High power black ceramic elements
  • Black powder-coated aluminium
  • Manufactured in Europe
  • Indoor or covered outdoor use
  • Wall mount only
FROM $1,099.00

Key Features:

  • Zero light infrared heater
  • 2.6kW powerful Herschel Kanthal elements
  • With or without remote control
  • Remote model has 2 power settings & timer
  • Wall or ceiling mount
  • Indoor or sheltered outdoor use
FROM $1,299.00

Key Features:

  • Designer heater, ultra-low glare
  • Black, silver or gold finish
  • Handy remote control
  • 2kW high power carbon lamp
  • 2 power levels, 9 hour timer
  • Ideal for heating patios

Key Features:

  • Warm glow, ultra-low glare heater
  • 2.5kW high power carbon lamp
  • With or without remote control
  • 4 power levels & timer on remote model
  • Optional stand for free-standing use
  • Ideal for workshops and patios

Case Studies

Customer Brief: to keep members warm from a discreet, non glowing heating solution

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“I needed a heating system that was easy to maintain and cheap to run for the 15’ x 10’ space. I did my homework and read about Herschel which produces amazing pieces of kit. The team delivered the panel; I cannot fault them in any way. It was so easy to put up and just switch on and go. It’s plug and go; just plugged into a power socket. The installation of it was basically two screws to put the mounts up and then it kind of sat on the mounts and you can have it at whatever angle you want”.

Wayne Mardle: Darts Player

“The environmental credentials of infrared made the decision easy, you heat people and objects, instead of the space”.

Andy Brown – Owner, Woodland Spa

Commercial Clients

Hershel Aspect XLs heating customers of Soho House

Aspect XLs warm customers at The NED, London

Herschel Aspect XLs used in The Woodland Spa