Herschel Infrared Where to use Social Housing & Care Homes

Social Housing & Care Homes

Affordable heating for care homes and social housing.

Effective heating that can meet specific care home and social housing requirements.

Care Homes

Our Select range of far infrared panels heaters are used by a number of care homes providers and increasingly being used in social housing.

For the care home sector, the panels provide a cost effective way of heating areas without the need for an expensive centralised heating system. Panels can be ceiling mounted removing the heating from Priority 1 to Priority 3 and reducing risk of injury. They can be mounted with anti-ligature fittings where required.

Far infrared is natural for the body and is frequently used in the wellness sector. This can be a major point of consideration in buildings whose occupants sit for long periods of the day.

Each room can operate as a separate zone and be controlled by the range of Herschel IQ control options or as part of an existing building management system, meaning either localised control or remote control from a central location. There is no single point of failure, each panel is separately fused.

The infrared heat improves thermal comfort levels because every part of the room is heated to an even level, removing cold spots and creating a more comfortable (non-stuffy) temperature. Unlike convector heaters there is minimal air movement which results in less dust and pollutants, especially helpful to asthma and allergy sufferers.

Our panels are zero maintenance with long life expectancies and have been proven to save energy compared to convector heaters. They can be used as a complete heating solution or as supplement to an underperforming legacy heating system.

Social Housing

For social housing the Herschel Select range has been proven to provide significant savings in heating bills compared to night storage heaters as well as a host of other benefits including better comfort levels, space savings and much improved controls.

Herschel panels have a low capital outlay, are easy to install, low maintenance and can be easily controlled with the Herschel IQ system.

Because the far infrared heats the building, it reduces damp and condensation, a major issue in many social housing environments. The panels can be linked with solar PV to provide renewable heating and are up to 60% more efficient than night storage heaters.


Case Studies


In terms of the purchasing price, an easy installation plus reduced energy costs Herschel won the contract hands down”

Tendring District Council

Mrs Smith, Tenant, who lives in the apartment used in the trial “loves our heating and she says it is very easy to control”. Another big positive for Mrs Smith was that with the old heaters gone she now has so much more space to put furniture

Commercial Clients

Social Housing use of Herschel Infrared heaters at Tendring District Council

Herschel infrared panels used in The Priory