Herschel is about Comfort, Control, Efficiency & Style

Our Herschel iQ system and controllers use the latest energy-saving technology to turn your new Herschel infrared heaters into a cutting edge, smart, energy-efficient heating system. Specially designed for Herschel infrared heaters, no-one else offers this leading combination – stylish and efficient electric heaters with a comprehensive, flexible, intelligent control system ensuring optimum comfort in your environment.


Herschel iQ app enabled control

Control at your fingertips from wherever you are

Our Herschel iQ thermostats are simple to operate, fully programmable to your requirements, incorporate the latest EcoDesign energy-saving features, and can be remotely controlled at the touch of a button with our App-enabled range.

This control is ideal for returning from holidays or weekends away (you never have to return to a cold home again) or pre-heating your holiday home to create a snug welcome upon arrival.



Couple enjoying their comfortable Herschel home heating

With traditional systems that use convection heating (ie. central heating systems) it is not possible to efficiently zone heaters, because once air is heated, it rises and disperses uncontrollably. A central heating radiator consequently has to warm the entire volume of air in a room until its average temperature feels acceptable because you cannot control where the heated air goes.

Keep your property warm and energy efficient

Effective zoning is achieved by only heating the areas you want heated, when you want them heated. There is no central boiler or heat pump with Herschel heaters, so each panel can be controlled completely independently; energy is only used when a Herschel panel is on.

Herschel panels can be linked together to form a zone (say 2 or more radiator panels in one room, or even a separate zone within a larger room) and each zone can be controlled by a separate Herschel thermostat linked to the heating panels within the zone. Just think how much energy and money you waste each year by heating areas that are only used infrequently or by running a central boiler to heat just 1 or 2 rooms.

Herschel iQ – for every heating application

Herschel iQ is adaptable for all your home, office and property requirements.  Enjoy maximum flexibility to control properties as required – a whole building, zone by zone or heater by heater.

We have a range of options so you choose which works best for your needs. With easy to use display screens, open window technology, full 7 day programming plus a whole host of additional features.

The MD1 wired thermostat, which includes an innovative keypad locking feature, is ideal for commercial applications such as hotels, care homes or let properties which may wish to prevent unauthorised tampering with any pre-determined settings. Or perhaps the T1 thermostat may be a better solution given its versatility when locating the thermostat.  

Installing Herschel iQ with your Herschel infrared heaters is simple.  Manage your home temperature efficiently, from wherever you are by adding the iQ Hub, to always ensure a warm and cosy property exactly where and when required.