Space Heating

Space Heating

Improve comfort levels and save energy with our innovative space heating range

Specially designed for heating areas within large buildings, our infrared space heaters directly heat areas that require heating, where and where people are working or relaxing.

The ability to create heated zones can result in significant cost savings when compared to convection heating (fan heaters, air curtains, air conditioning), because hot air cannot be contained within a zone.

Our heaters are installed to radiate infrared heat outwards and downwards and will warm people, objects and the building itself within the effective area of each heater.
Herschel heaters have rapid warm up times, are easy to install, low maintenance, completely silent and built to last. Compared to quartz and halogen heaters which are too hot and intense for most indoor applications, we only offer zero light or warm glow heaters which produce a pleasant and naturally absorbed heat – perfect for keeping people warm for prolonged periods of time.

For heating areas which are in the public eye such as retail space, halls, large reception areas, bars, restaurants, churches etc, choose heaters from our designer space heater range. Where aesthetics are less important such as industrial units, maintenance bays, warehouse packing areas, factories and workshops, our warehouse and industrial heaters are the perfect solution.