Altrincham Market

Customer Brief: To provide a heating solution that will warm a large space effectively and keep customers warm.

Effective space heating


Altrincham Market is an indoor market area which hosts a collection of traders, music makers and food producers in a lovely environment. The management were looking for a heating solution that would heat the large area for customers and traders effectively, made more difficult by the high ceilings. The area to be heated has 4 external walls.


6 pulsars were installed giving complete coverage over the seating area.
black pulsars were chosen as they worked perfectly with the shop fronts and against the green lights
heaters mounted 3-3.5m from ground
2 programmable, wireless thermostats to split the system in case there is move air movement to one side

Complete coverage of the seating area means that the seating area will get direct heat from the panels
the absorption of the far infrared from the panels into the ground and the building will mean heat then radiates back from the ground and walls but not before its heated the people first.
low energy consumption of the heater combined with the effect of radiant heating means large areas can reduce energy consumption further
improved comfort levels for customers.

“The units are in and look great”.

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