Chosen by the world’s leading businesses for our comprehensive range of heaters covering a wide range of requirements.

Herschel Infrared heaters are built for performance, efficiency and durability and delivered with Herschel’s excellent estimating and commercial support.

Herschel Infrared – the perfect commercial heating systems for pubs, cafes and restaurants

Our commercial heating systems are perfect for hard to heat areas inside and out and you can mix and match our Zero Light and Warm Glow heaters to suit your circumstances.

For indoor areas that need heating and a bit of style, our panel heaters come in a variety of finishes including mirrors, picture panels, white glass and blackboards that you can write on.

Space heating in Altrincham Market

Heaters that fit office ceiling grids, heat reception areas and large open spaces

Specially designed Herschel Infrared panels fit into the tile space in office ceiling grids to provide economical and even heating only where you need it.

For larger office spaces our Zero Light heaters offer effective zoned heating of your staff without wasting energy heating others areas you don’t need to heat.

All Herschel Infrared heaters are easy to install and maintenance-free.

Infrared Ceiling heaters for offices

Find out why so many brands are turning to Herschel for their shop heating solution

Shops face unique challenges heating, having large floor spaces, large open doors, chiller cabinets or cosmetics that you don’t want to heat and cold customers and staff that you do.

Traditional hot air solutions are expensive, difficult to install and run and you cannot control the air flow. The zoned heating solution offered by Herschel – heating only where you want it – makes far more sense. It is is inexpensive to install, run and maintain and very easy to control.

Infrared heating for shops with Herschel Aspect XL3s Boots stores

Our warehouse and industrial heaters are the preferred choice for replacement of gas and electric convection heating.

Unlike convection based heaters, Herschel Infrared units can be positioned to heat specific zones, for example a workstation, machining area or aisles within a warehouse.

Installation is easy, running costs are considerably lower than any other solution in this environment – you just heat the areas you want. Herschel Infrared is easy to control and zero maintenance.

infrared workshop heater from Herschel



vehicle service bay heating

Service bays & workshops

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School heating

Heating for Schools & Universities

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Churches & Village Halls

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Herschel Aspect XL sports hall heating at Liberty Stadium

Heating for sports & leisure venues

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Heating care homes

Heating social housing & care homes

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infrared heating for hot yoga

Heating for Hot Yoga Studios & Spas

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City of Westminster Pulsars in a recption area

Heating Reception areas & Public Halls

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Herschel Select XL White panels ceiling mounted in a bedroom

Heating commercial accommodation

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Professional Specification Service

Herschel has a team of in-house surveyors who perform on-site and desktop estimating services for domestic & commercial heating projects. We are able to calculate your exact Infrared heating needs based on heat-loss or zone-based heating calculations.

We can help professional specifiers and architects establish their heating requirements by room; by zone or by building. Herschel is unique in also being able to accurately calculate your requirements whether indoor or out.

We will require certain project information from you to assist our assessment which we will clarify on first contact. Please note that site visits may be chargeable.



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