Herschel Infrared Case Studies Six Apartment Development

Six Apartment Development

Customer brief: to find a space-saving, stylish electric heating solution that meets the high-end design of a property development scheme for six apartments

"We've got rid of our gas and everything is electric" (full video testimonial available)


Honor Properties, a landlord and property development company with a vast portfolio of student and professional properties, had previously used Herschel infrared heaters within their student properties.  The benefits they found from the ease of install and control, combined with the affordability of this low energy heating solution, meant that Herschel was their first choice for heating rental properties in their latest flat development within the professional letting market. The owners of Honor Properties were also keen to get rid of gas so that they could minimise their CO2 footprint and work with the simplicity of one energy bill.

Heating for rental properties using Herschel Select XL panelsHerschel Infrared for renovations

The development involved the conversion and extension of a period property which previously housed 3 x apartments with various rooms in each. The converted property has become a new development of 6 self-contained apartments, all interior designed to the highest specification. 3 of the apartments are studio apartments with combined living area, kitchen and bedroom whilst the remaining 3 have separate living spaces in which room by room thermostat control was a key objective. The redeveloped and extended property has been built to the latest building standards with very good levels of insulation throughout.

Herschel Select XL White panels ceiling mounted in a bedroom


The property owners were keen to ceiling mount panels within the living areas and bedrooms so as to maximise the space within the studio apartments. Herschel Select XL white panel heaters have been used throughout the development providing a discreet solution that fits well with the clean, minimalistic design of these high-end apartments. Kitchens have wall-mounted Select XL panels.

All panels are controlled by the Herschel iQ MD1 hardwired thermostat, ideal for large renovations where cabling can be easily hidden during the build process. The MD1 thermostat enables simple control of heating requirements from an easy to use, lockable screen and ensures flexible, comfortable control, room by room.

Herschel Infrared heating for residential lettingsHerschel MD1 hard wired thermostat

As landlords, Herschel infrared panel heaters have provided Honor Properties with an easy installation, low maintenance solution for heating rental properties in their new portfolio.


Chris Honor, owner of Honor Properties, comments “We used these in our student accommodation and they went really well so we introduced them to our flats which are a little bit more high-end. They give us a space-saving option….eco-wise they keep our costs down, we’ve got rid of our gas and everything is electric so it’s only one bill so we know exactly where we stand. They keep the properties really nice and warm and we’ve been really happy with them”. Chris Honor, Honor Properties

See the full video testimonial from Chris about his Herschel infrared install.



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