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Herschel Pulsar in new home in Taupo courtesy of JT Design
Herschel Summit heater warming holiday home
Herschel Aspect XL sports hall heating at Liberty Stadium

Designer Zero Light Range

Heating large areas with no glow

Our Zero Light range of heaters delivers exceptional heat performance in larger spaces and do not emit any light from the heater. They are suitable for a variety of commercial and domestic uses and their high design values make them particularly suitable for places where the heaters will be in the public eye.

These heaters use far infrared which is the band of infrared heat that human skin absorbs the most efficiently – leading to a very pleasant sense of comfort for the optimum level of power and expenditure.

Because they do not emit any sort of light, these heaters can be installed just where you want them for the warmth without having to think about avoiding any glare which you can get from some types of hotter infrared heater.

These heaters also allow “zoning”, which means you focus the heat just where you need it and don’t have to heat the whole volume of air in an area to feel any warmth.

Suggested locations:

The Designer Zero Light range is only suitable for installation in covered areas where the heaters can be protected from rain or water ingress. Common locations they are used by customers include:

  • Larger, difficult to heat indoor areas where you want the heat without the light.
  • Hot Yoga Studios.
  • Conservatories, garages and garden rooms.
  • Indoor rooms that also open to the outdoors.
  • Reception areas, Halls, Indoor cafeteria areas.

Your heater options:

Perfect for indoor-outdoor living spaces that are sheltered with low air movement and where light from the heater is not wanted, our Summit heaters deliver gentle and but effective heating. They are ideal for spring/summer use where a more permanent heat is required such as enclosed restaurants and bars, conservatories and garden rooms.

Summit features Herschel’s powerful 2.6kw heating element and is available with or without remote. Slimline and unobtrusive, Summit can wall ceiling mounted, suspended or wall mounted.

Pulsar is an attractive high power heater commonly used in high ceiling living areas, stairwells, public meeting areas and similar uses.

Herschel Pulsar warming a cafe

Professional Specification Service

Herschel has a team of in-house surveyors who perform on-site and desktop estimating services for commercial heating projects.

Contact us with your project details

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    SUMMIT White 2600 Watts

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  • Summit Black

    SUMMIT 2600 Watts

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  • Herschel Halo

    Halo 4.8 – 7.8kW Infrared Heater

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  • Pulsar Black

    Pulsar 2400 Watts

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  • Herschel Aspect XL3

    Aspect XL 1.3kW – 2.6kW

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Herschel Aspect XL heaters at The Edge rooftop bar, Soho House, London

Used by the worlds leading leisure & retail brands

Our Designer Zero Light heaters are high quality heaters which deliver non-invasive heating, perfect for high end commercial applications such as The Edge Rooftop Bar in London. There are many other clients using Herschel in covered spaces that open to the outdoor, such as station concourses, shop entrances and cafes, bars and restaurants.

The heaters use solid state heating elements, are maintenance free and constructed from premium materials for long lifetimes.

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