Galway Bar Restaurant

Customer brief: to replace night storage heating in a vaulted ceilinged bar

Running costs fallen dramatically


Busker Brownes Bar is a bar, restaurant and cafe space in Galway, on the west coast of the Republic of Ireland.

The bar’s existing heating system was night storage which was found to be ineffective, expensive to run and used valuable wall space.  The bar has a vaulted ceiling, stone walls and large open staircases all of which increase heat losses.

The bar had planned a refurbishment at the end of 2018 for which an alternative heating system was required.  The key priority was a solution that would heat the old stone building effectively as well as also improving comfort for clientele of the bar and reduce costs for the management.

Herschel Solution

A heating solution of 8 Aspect XL3 heaters was proposed to management.  This solution was within the refurbishment budget and the heaters were subsequently installed ready for the opening of the bar.


Initial feedback from the bar management are that the heaters are only required for 2 – 4 hours per day (versus 8 – 10 hours per day from the previous night storage system).

Once the space is heated, the heat lingers for several hours and therefore rarely requires topping up. The Infrared specification is similar to the old heating system however running costs have fallen dramatically whilst achieving the required comfort.

Also, the installing electrician has said the heaters were extremely simple to install.

Herschel Aspect XL infrared heatingAspect XL heating a bar

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