Herschel Infrared Case Studies Melbourne Heritage Building

Melbourne Heritage Building

Customer brief: To heat a living area in a Heritage Listed building that has a high ceiling and a loft as well

Elegant and Effective Warmth for all Areas of the living room and loft


The owner had done some research online with regards to heating an unusual shape room that contained a Loft. The owner was also a sufferer on Arthritis and had no luck in heating the room. Owner came across Herschel Heating and the benefits of Far Infrared Technology for her situation. The owner also loved the look and design of the Black Pulsar.


Pulsar heater is hung at 3m from the underside of the heater to the floor and in line with the loft floor.  A chain and shackle system has been used to hang the heaters from an eye bolt that is fixed through the beam overhead, with a 1.5m drop from the exposed rafter above to the eye bolt on top of the heaters.  The chain just gives the heater another level to secure the weighty heater.

Currently the Pulsar is controlled via 7day Thermostat Controller. At first the heater was thermostat controlled at 21 degrees and, even in the depths of the Melbourne winter, this was too warm specially in the loft. The owner currently runs the thermostat at 19.5 degrees and this is very comfortable in both areas.


“The Pulsar is very cool in a warm sort of way, very happy.  After months of being cold in this building I woke to a tropical living space! FANTASTIC! The warm I feel from the Pulsar after only an hour from turning on is gorgeous. I will look at the technology to use in my bedroom”. Jane, the property owner, in Melbourne.

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