Herschel Infrared Case Studies Orange (NSW) Shopping Centre

Orange (NSW) Shopping Centre

Customer brief: To heat an area outside the cafes for additional seating that was not able to be used in winter due to automatic doors opening and closing and air, that had been warmed by Heat Pump, escaping out the doors when they opened.

Effective Warmth at additional tables for the café customers


The centre was using reverse cycle and in the winter the warm air was fine until the automatic doors kept opening and shutting for customers to enter. This allowed the air, that had been pumping warm air into the area, to escape out the doors and the process had to start again. This was costly and very in efficient as the air that was warmed first went to the ceiling and not where the café customers were sitting. Centre Manager discovered Herschel online and the Infrared Technology and contacted Herschel. A site visit was organised, and all surrounds looked at, and a plan agreed of how to make this more comfortable for café patrons and more cost effective for Centre management.


4 Pulsar heaters were hung at 3m from the underside of the heater to the floor and suspended by chain in the sky light area to give a little additional height thus giving more floor area coverage.  A chain and shackle system has been used to hang the heaters from an eye bolt that is fixed through the beam overhead in the roof cavity, with a 2 m drop from the ceiling above to the eye bolt on top of the heaters.  The chain just gives the heater added stability in air movement when doors were opening and closing, and the weight of the chain stopped them swinging.

Currently the Pulsar Heaters are controlled by 7day Thermostat Controller in the corridor of the office so as no customer tampering can occur.


“Customers have started to use the tables out in the foyer area now that the Heaters are turned on. The heat is resonating from the concrete floor and feels like you are sitting in the sun.

Heat is now where our customers are at the table not on the ceiling and our power consumption has fallen 27% from the heat cycle conditioner.

We are serving more customers as we have more tables available outside of the café”.

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