Retail Shoe Shop

Customer brief: to provide comfort for customers and staff in a shoe shop

Providing comfort at the till counter


Premoli Shoes, a shoe shop in Galway, Republic of Ireland, was due to be refurbished following a fire in 2018.  The owners were seeking an affordable heating solution as part of the refurbishment that would manage the airflow from the entrance doors, as well as provide comfort for staff and customers at the till area.

Herschel Solution

Herschel Aspect XL2 heaters were installed providing an ideal solution for the retail area given the stylish design of the heater. Just two heaters were installed, one directly over the till counter and one above the entrance.

The black casing of the Aspect XL complements the dark veer finish within the shop interior and delivers effective heating from a discreet solution.


The shop remains warm after the heaters have been turned off, due to the radiant properties of infrared heating, creating a warm environment and low running costs of just €0.40/hr.

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