Herschel Infrared Case Studies Rotorua Commercial Office

Rotorua Commercial Office

To provide comfort heating to a 72m² open plan office space. Relocating from a previously thermal heated environment, the heating solution had to provide fast heat up time, and maintain a comfort temperature range up to 25˚C. A boardroom was also required to be heated. This room would not get a lot of use and would only be occupied for occasional meetings. It was important that this room could be heated up quickly.

Innovative and Effective Space Heating


This business was relocating into a new premises requiring a complete fit out. The 3 metre ceiling height and the polished concrete floor, along with the open plan nature of the work stations made the IRP4 the ultimate choice of product for this heating solution. The boardroom, also with a high ceiling, required comfort heating to 21 ˚C.


3 IRP4 space heaters were installed direct to the 3m ceiling of the main office area. These were controlled with Herschel’s new wireless thermostat. A boardroom also required a heating solution with fast start up. An Aspect IRXL3-1950 was specified and wall mounted. This provides a fast heat up time, and is also energy efficient.


“We are delighted with the way that the look of the heaters fits in with the polished floors and open industrial image we wanted to create.

The heaters provide a lovely cosy warmth without any draught which you can get with air conditioning and the use of the heaters, with the thermostats and timers, means we are driving the best efficiencies from them”.

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