Herschel Infrared Case Studies Trade Counter and Showroom

Trade Counter and Showroom

To provide a new heating solution to replace an ineffective system

Effective space heating for a trade counter and customer showroom


A leading builders merchant in Blackburn was looking for heating for its trade counter and showroom to replace the existing heating that had become largely ineffective.

Previous Heating

This consisted of eight 3kW 15 year old overhead convector heaters that had largely become ineffective, unsightly and inefficient. As such they were seeking a cost effective long term solution that was aesthetically pleasing and showed a relatively quick return on investment.  There were also four 2kW plug in portable heaters placed under desks and a 5kW overhead Halogen heater behind the counter during the colder periods.

These heaters were uncontrolled, with no thermostats, and on constantly from 7-30am until 5 pm (9.5 hrs).


DescriptionArea m2Heaters SpecifiedkWDescription
Main Entrance Door and Walkway362 x Advantage IRP45.20Suspended from the ceiling at 2.80M to the underside of the heater from the floor
Trade Counter Under Mezzanine12011x Select HS7007.70Attached to a solid plastered ceiling
Flooring Showroom5210 x Select HS3503.50Heaters installed in 60cm x 60cm ceiling grid at 2.50M
Kitchen Showroom10820 x Select HS3507.0Heaters installed in 60cm x 60cm ceiling grid at 2.50M


Wireless Thermostat and Receivers – ST620RF x 4 (1 per area)

Energy Consumption

Total Wattage

Existing 37,000W    Herschel Infrared 23,400W

Existing heatingEstimated using Herschel InfraredEstimated Annual Savings% Saving**
Total kW/hrs p.a64,15825,45938,69960%

*All figures exclusive of VAT  ** % Savings rounded


Payback using Herschel Solution
Estimated Payback Period for supply and install cost1.82 yrs



Improved efficiency with a reduction in total energy consumed. Lower running time of Herschel heaters, a result of using thermostats to control the heating to the desired temperatures, as well as the benefit from the building retaining heat within the thermal mass and radiating back the warmth.


“We decided to switch to Herschel Infrared heating for our trade counter and showroom as our previous overhead heaters had become ineffective and were failing to keep our staff and customers warm.   Different heater types were installed to suit each area and the installation was incredibly quick.  Feedback from both staff and customers is that they are noticeably warmer when it’s cold so we are more than satisfied with the switch to Herschel Far Infrared heaters”.

Jason Rothwell, Howarth Timber.

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