Ceiling grid heaters for offices
The ideal office ceiling solution from Herschel
Herschel Select ceiling grid panel heaters providing effective infrared heating for shops
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Ceiling Tile Heaters

Our popular white Ceiling Tile heater is designed to fit in the 120x60cm space in ceiling grids.

This makes a practical heating option in shops, schools, hospitals and many other commercial spaces.

Heat only the areas you want to, due to the “zoning” effect you only get with Infrared panels.

The heaters can all be remotely controlled by a thermostat placed within the heated area.

infrared Ceiling Heaters for offices

Professional Specification Service

Herschel has a team of in-house surveyors who perform on-site and desktop estimating services for commercial heating projects.

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  • Herschel Comfort White

    Comfort – Infrared Ceiling Tile Heater

    10 Year Warranty
    1 Size
    FROM $999.00
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  • Select HS700 Ceiling Tile Heater

    Select – Infrared Ceiling Tile Heaters

    (2 reviews)
    5 Year Warranty
    1 Size
    FROM $749.00
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Showing all 2 results

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