Energy Saving heaters – a comparison of heating technologies

How do you decide which heating solution is best for you when there are so many alternative systems now available?

Unlike conventional heaters which primarily heat the air Herschel produces far infrared (radiant) heat which directly heats people, objects and the thermal mass of the building without warming the air. It requires up to 40% more energy to heat the air through convection heaters and it is this difference that makes infrared heating more energy-efficient.

Other renewable heating technologies, such as heat pumps, are energy-efficient and consequerntly cheap to run if correctly installed. However, they are very expensive to purchase, install and maintain and people tends to base their a purchase decisions on a combination of these factors: purchase cost, ease of installation, comfort levels, space considerations, noise levels and ongoing maintenance requirements and lifetime of the product. In combination these other costs can produce a very different case.

Herschel carried out a comprehensive study into a comparison of different heating technologies, for a typical 3 bedroom house, producing a summary of the total cost of ownership of the heating system over its lifetime.

Take a look at our summary below. Herschel Infrared heating is generally more expensive to run than gas central heating, due to the much lower unit cost of gas. However, gas systems cannot be zoned, have the inconvenience of annual maintenance, large, noisy boilers and potential for leaking radiators, not forgetting the fact that gas is not a renewable energy source.

Clearly the future is electric and Herschel Infrared heating beats all the new, alternative electric heating technologies, including heat pumps, when it comes to total cost of ownership. It is typically cheaper to purchase, and install than heat pumps and reversible air-con, without the maintenance requirements and its running costs are very competitive because it is a radiant form of heat, rather than convective. All in all its lifetime yearly cost is cheaper than any of these alternative forms of heating. Compared with older forms of heating such as night storage heaters, Infrared savings on energy consumption can be up to 60%.

And it’s not just on payback where Herschel wins. Other reasons to buy Herschel include the high level of comfort, quick warm-up times, zero noise and light and its ultra-slim and stylish choice of finishes.

No maintenance, no leaks, no annual checks. Hassle-free heating.

Heating ComparisonAll figures taken from manufacturer websites & UK Energy Savings Trust calculations for a 3 bedroom house. RHI and other grants not included.
Total cost of ownership includes purchase, installation, annual running, maintenance and replacement costs. Purchase and replacement costs based on leading manufacturer specified equipment.
vs Heatpumps vs Night Storage heaters vs Biomass
■ much cheaper purchase price
■ lower installation costs
■ no ongoing maintenance
■ no noisy fan
■ no plumbing / leaks
■ far more economical
■ much better control
■ does not require Economy 7
■ much nicer looking
■ no central boiler – noise, space
■ significantly cheaper purchase price
■ no maintenance
■ no ordering, delivery and storage of pellets / fuel
■ no plumbing / leaks