Our handy estimating guide:

Room Size Wattage
Below 5m² 250 Watts
5 – 8 m² 300 – 350 Watts
8 – 13m² 500 – 600 Watts
13 – 15m² 700 Watts
15 – 21m² 850 Watts (Ceiling only); 1000 Watts (Wall only)


Estimates assume 2.3m to 2.5m ceiling height.
Contact your herschel dealer if your ceilings are higher.
For “colder” rooms, choose the minimum room size / maximum power each time.
For larger rooms, use multiples of the above heaters.

Choose from:

White Infrared panel heaters

White panels
For heating that blends-in with the background. Find out more…

Glass Infrared panel heaters

Glass panels
For an attractive high-gloss finish in white or black. Find out more…

Mirror infrared heater panels

Mirror panels
A heater and a mirror that won’t steam-up! Find out more…

Infrared Towel heaters

Towel Heaters
Heat your bathroom and warm your towels at the same time. Find out more…

Aspect XL Patio heater

Outdoor Heaters
See our stylish outdoor heater range. Find out more…






Herschel iQ Single Zone heater control pack

Herschel iQ Single Zone Control. Effective control of a single zone. Comes with one R1 receiver, but can pair & control many.

Herschel iQ WH1 Central Control Unit

Herschel iQ WH1 Whole House Control. Control up to 6 zones each with up to 6 R1 receivers. For effective zone heating controlled centrally.

Herschel iQ R1 Wireless Receiver

Herschel iQ Thermostatic Receiver, an effective wireless receiver unit for Thermostatic control of Infrared heaters using Herschel’s iQ system.