Installs – hospitality sector heating

Starbucks heated by cafe

Starbucks cafe heated by Herschel Infrared Summit heaters


Radisson Blu bar in Glasgow

Radisson Blu bar area in Glasgow heated by stylish Herschel Pulsar heaters


Herschel Summit warming a wine bar

This contemporary wine bar installed ceiling mounted Summit heaters for a stylish, effective heating solution


Hospitality sector heating

Herschel summit ceiling mounted to provide beautiful warmth in a cosy cafe area


Costa Coffee warmed by Herschel infrared

Costa Coffee counter staff warmed by Herschel Aspect XL heaters


Herschel Pulsar warming Millenium Centre cafe

Cardiff's Millenium Centre Caffi warmed by Herschel Pulsars


Herschel heating a cafe in Holland

Herschel Colorado heaters warming an outdoor cafe area in Holland


Herschel Manhattan heaters warming outdoor restaurant terrace

Herschel Manhattan heaters warming outdoor restaurant terrace


Caffe nero heated by Herschel

Caffe nero heated by Herschel Infrared


Herschel heating a restaurant in Mexico

Ceiling mounted heaters perfectly sited to provide restaurant heating in Mexico


Summit heaters warming a cafe

Summit heaters provide the idea hospitality sector heating


Herschel Aspect XL warming staff and customers in a bar area

Herschel heaters ideal for bars, restaurants or cafes areas within the hospitality sector