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Low Glare outdoor heaters

High Performance without the glare

Herschel Low Glare Outdoor Heaters

Herschel’s PERFORMANCE range of outdoor heaters are designed to provide heat in colder, windier conditions or more difficult installation situations, where you need to project the heat effectively from further away. Herschel accomplishes this without the glare often associated with this type of more powerful heater.

The comfortable low glare lamp will provide a long life and effective, comfortable heat.

Herschel’s PERFORMANCE range are suitable for domestic and commercial situations with the 2000 Watt MIAMI being suited to patio and parasol heating, while the more powerful 3000 Watt Manhattan being suited to situations where a higher installation height is required.


  • 2 yr Warranty
    1 Sizes

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    Key Features:

    • Performance range, high power, low glare
    • 50% and 100% power with remote control
    • Wall or ceiling mounted outdoor heater
    • 3kW (2 x 1.5 kW) low glare lamps
    • Long life, quality components
    • Suitable for commercial use
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Herschel Miami low glare outdoor heater

Herschel’s low glare PERFORMANCE range creates very effective warming levels over long distances.

These heaters are perfect for use in locations that either become cold or are subject to draughts or airflow or requiring higher installation heights.

These heaters also allow “zoning”, which means you focus the heat just where you need it and don’t have to heat a huge area in order to feel warm.

Herschel’s low glare outdoor heaters can be used outside, or in conservatories, garages and in many commercial applications including draughtier work areas in workshops. Always follow the installation instructions.

Read our feature on outdoor heating in Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine, April 2019. David Hilton, an expert in sustainable building and energy efficiency, reviews the Herschel California.



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“They work brilliantly and the space has become the most popular area in the pub”

The pub invested heavily in our Burleigh’s Gin Terrace which we wanted to make all year round space.  Key to enabling that was the installation of the Manhattan heaters which we chose as a perfect combination of heat distribution and stylish looks.  They work brilliantly and the space has become the most popular area in the pub.

All the team at Herschel-Infrared were friendly, super helpful and very efficient.  We at The Lancaster Arms are happy to recommend both the heaters and the team at Herschel.

“Extremely cosy…a fantastic difference to my clientele”

Thanks for the heaters. They look and feel extremely cosy and have made a fantastic difference to my clientele in their warmth and enjoyment outdoors. I have no hesitation in recommending these low glare, powerful Herschel heaters and have already purchased for a second site.

‘Superb outdoor heater’

Bought a ‘Miami’ compact infra red heater. Delivered next day. Great design and a very quality product. Perfect for attaching under a parasol (and frankly essential if you want to sit outside in a so-called summer in Yorkshire)

“High quality, excellent function coupled with top class aesthetics and product design”.

I installed Herschel California 2KW infrared Heaters in my walled patio area before the summer. They are not only very high quality as a product but create an exceptional heat output that feels exactly like sitting in the sun on a warm day. Even in the middle of winter they can make your outside area fully usable. I would really recommend these and Herschel products in general for anyone that is looking for high quality, excellent function coupled with top class aesthetics and product design.

“Enjoyed an evening in gazebo”

Arrived quickly. Well packaged and installation instructions clear. Only had to get waterproof connector to extend cable to nearest socket. All up and working and enjoyed an evening in gazebo whilst thunder storm raged. Nice and warm.


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