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UK made Herschel Comfort infrared panels

Herschel Comfort – best performing and most eco-friendly panel heater range

Herschel’s Comfort is our ground-breaking UK manufactured infrared heating panel that has been designed with sustainability and performance in mind. Setting a new standard for eco-friendly heating solutions the Comfort provides an ultra-slim and discreet heating solution for homes and interiors.

Comfort is designed for professional installation, it can be both wall and ceiling-mounted, and our new one-piece central fixing brackets ensures simple, secure mounting.

Comfort is operated via our Herschel iQ range of controllers, available separately, and comes with a 10 year warranty.  Comfort has been constructed using the highest quality materials and has been designed so that it is fully repairable – in our commitment to maximise sustainability.

Improved Design at every level

Our Design and Production teams have considered sustainability and performance at every stage of the Comfort lifecycle.

100% recyclable British steel and 100% recyclable UK made insulation (that’s manufactured in Wales from natural volcanic basalt wool) are just two examples of how we are prioritising the use of sustainable materials in our aim to deliver the most eco-friendly infrared panel on the market.

Comfort features our latest innovations in technology, Swift Comfort Plus (SCP). SCP incorporates our high performance German heating element and special-grade aluminium foil which combine to deliver a faster warm-up and uniform heat dispersion. Alongside the specially treated, radiant reflective rear in stainless steel which minimises rearward heat loss by over 20%, the combined design features and technologies of Comfort ensure efficiency is optimised, delivering the best performing panel currently available.

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  • Herschel Comfort White panel

    Comfort – white infrared heating panel

    10 Year Warranty
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  • Herschel Comfort White

    Comfort – Infrared Ceiling Tile Heater

    10 Year Warranty
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