Customer Service FAQs How to control an Infrared heating panel?

How to control an Infrared heating panel?

In order to emit far infrared at the right waveband, our heaters are either “on” or “off” (it is not possible to vary the temperature of the heater itself). So some kind of controller is needed with your infrared panel.

We do not build thermostats into our heaters because it is the temperature of the room that is important to your sense of comfort. Built in thermostats tend to over-read the heater temperature and under-read room temperature because the close proximity of the thermostat to the heater means that it is impossible to correctly measure the room temperature. So we do not believe built-in controls are so effective plus using built in controls leaves little choice for integration into other control systems and whole building control systems.

Herschel offers XLS thermostats for control of Select XLS panels and the Herschel IQ controls system for Inspire panels; heater control solutions especially designed to control Herschel Infrared heaters. Precise room by room control from wherever you are, providing you with optimum comfort levels whilst minimising your energy consumption.

Herschel control systems conform to the EU Eco Design Legislation (also known as LOT 20), granting you up to 8% more efficiency.

Please also see FAQ on how to pair the iQ Receiver and Thermostat.