Customer Service FAQs How do Herschel heaters work?

How do Herschel heaters work?

We could get really geeky on this but will try to keep it simple…

Whilst both Herschel Inspire and Select XLS panel ranges have different construction methods, they both do the same thing which is to convert electricity to emit radiant heat called “far infrared”. Surface temperatures of the Inspire and Select XLS Panels average 100 degrees centigrade and are designed to gently warm people and buildings.

Herschel Advantage and Aspect range utilise ceramic plate emitters containing nickel wire cores.

Herschel Far Infrared emitters emit in the spectral range of 3 – 10 microns with no light at all.

The Herschel Advantage and Aspect Space heaters have surface temperatures of around 400 degrees centigrade and have a higher throw and spread to heat larger areas.

The majority of the heat produced from all of our panels is “radiant”, meaning the energy is used to directly heat objects and not the air.