Customer Service FAQs What splash-protection do I need in a bathroom?

What splash-protection do I need in a bathroom?

Electrical Safety in bathrooms divides into four zones.

In Zone ‘0’ which defines being within in the sink bowl, bath tub or shower bowl any electrical appliance must be IP67 (full immersion capable) and low voltage.

Zone 1 is the splash zone above a bath or within a shower enclosure and extends from the floor to 2.25m up the walls. For a shower this zone is defined by the shower cubicle, but for a wet room (no shower cubicle and no foot bowl) this zone extends 1.2m either side from the shower source and 2.25m upwards from the floor. Any electric appliance operated in this zone must have a 3 ma RCD protection on the circuit and IP65 or above is recommended. Note however the space above 2.25m is “No zone” and so an IP44 Infrared panel heater can be placed above these zones e.g. on the ceiling so long as this is more than 2.25m from the floor above a Zone 1.

Zone 2 is a 60cm safe zone outside Zone 1 to which the IP44 minimum rule applies.

“No Zone” is any other area in which theoretically no ingress protection need be applied.

All electrical appliances in a bathroom should be protected with a 30 ma RCD (Residual Current Device).

This means that any Herschel panel heater may be installed above zones 1 and can be installed within Zone 2 or “No zone”). If you are seeking to install an Advantage or Aspect space heater, please seek the advice of your Herschel Installer, since IP ratings vary.