Council heating scheme chooses Herschel

Tendring District Council have recently gathered the results and tenant feedback, from an independent trial for a new council heating scheme in a residential apartment building. The tests were carried out on Herschel Select infrared panels installed within an apartment in the building.

The trial took place in Essex over 14 months, incorporating 2 winter seasons, and the tenant has subsequently seen a saving on their energy bill of £250 p.a compared with the previous night storage heaters.

The tenant has confirmed she prefers the feeling of heat from Herschel heaters, the comfort levels being achieved from a total Herschel wattage of just 3.75kWH versus the previous heating’s consumption 12kWH when the old heaters were on. So although the previous storage heaters benefitted from the cheaper Economy 7 overnight tariff; the Herschel solution still ended up much cheaper running in the daytime.

Gas, heatpumps and other electrical heating solutions were also considered.

Council heating scheme chooses Herschel Infrared heating with energy savings


Additional benefits include the increased room space now available from ceiling mounting plus the ease of control.

A spokesman for the council heating scheme said: “In terms of the purchasing price, an easy installation plus reduced energy costs Herschel won the contract hands down”. Richard Cuthbert, Building Surveyor, Tendring Council.

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