Wayne Mardle using Herschel XL
Herschel Colorado warming a man cave
Jaguar garage warmed by Herschel Aspect XL
E Type Jaguar being warmed by Herschel Advantage

Infrared Garage Heaters

Find the perfect heater for your garage

Garages are typically poorly insulated and are often only used occasionally over the winter months. Our infrared garage heaters are cheap to run, easy to install, maintenance free and are built to last a lifetime. They have high IP ratings to cope with moisture and are made from stainless steel and aluminium to prevent rusting.

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  • Krystal White

    Krystal White 600 – 1000W

    5 Year Warranty
    2 Sizes
    FROM $1,999.00
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  • Herschel Colorado Outdoor Heater

    COLORADO 2500 Watts

    (6 reviews)
    2 Year Warranty
    1 Size
    FROM $749.00
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  • Summit White

    SUMMIT White 2600 Watts

    (2 reviews)
    2 Year Warranty
    2 Sizes
    FROM $1,249.00
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  • Summit Black

    SUMMIT 2600 Watts

    (6 reviews)
    2 Year Warranty
    2 Sizes
    FROM $1,099.00
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Showing all 4 results

Herschel Advantage IRP4 in warehouse setting (car service bay)

Infrared helps reduce damp & mould

Our infrared garage heaters offer quick warm up times and directly heat people and objects, making them a very cost effective solution for keeping warm whilst in use. The infrared produced helps reduce damp and mould and is the preferred choice for car collectors wanting background heating for their classic car garages.

Choose from Aspect XL and Summit for zero light heaters and Colorado for instant soft glow heat.

Control options vary from remote control on our Summit and Colorado heaters to thermostat control for Aspect XL using our T2/R2 iQ system.

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Customer Testimonials

“An efficient and sustainable way to keep your Jaguars warm and damp-free”

In the two years that I have been running these heaters I have found them to be super efficient and it makes it a pleasure to work on the cars no matter what the weather is like outside.

“The heat stays with you”

“I think it’s excellent. I just put it on half an hour before going out there and the good thing is the heat stays with you. It is not like a fan heater that gets extremely warm and you turn it off and its cold within minutes. I think it’s excellent and I may even buy another just for the really cold days. I’ve had lessons throughout winter and the room was never cold”.

“Effective solution for vehicles”

Since fitting the Hershel heaters in my garage condensation on my lovely cars, during the winter months, is a thing of the past! Using the lowest temperature setting of 5 degrees with the thermostatic control has been an effective inexpensive solution to a significant issue. A further advantage is the ability to warm the garage when working on my cars in the winter months making working on them during this period a much more pleasant experience. These heaters really provide an effective solution to the care of ones vehicles during the winter months.