Heating controllers

Heating controllers

intelligent control

Make your property smart, warm and energy efficient

Herschel Infrared Panels can simply be plugged in, but they do not have in built controls, so to ensure you manage optimum comfort levels and maximise energy efficiency they should be controlled by our Herschel iQ controls.
We have 2 options:

Herschel iQ Single Zone control pack

Single Zone Control

1. For simple room by room control our Herschel iQ single zone heater control pack comes with a battery operated room thermostat controller and a receiver. The receiver (R1) needs to be hard wired into the electric mains and also to the panel. It can be surface mounted or recessed. The receiver wirelessly pairs to the thermostat controller (T1). For convenience, the controller comes pre-progammed with our suggested heating schedule or can be amended to suit your requirements. The controller can be conveniently wall mounted or freestanding and communicates with the receiver to turn the panel on or off as required.

Herschel WH1 Group controller

Central Control

2. For whole house / property control solution our WH1 Central Control unit can be used as an alternative to the single zone heater control pack. Each panel will still need to be hard wired to the R1 wireless receiver (available separately) and each receiver then pairs with the central controller. All heating schedules and control is then via the central controller which communicates to each receiver and uses the receiver to measure the room temperature. The WH1 is touch screen and hard wired to mains electricity.

It is more cost effective to use the central controller in place of the single zone heater packs from 7 rooms / zones upwards.

We recommend the Single Zone heater control pack for smaller properties such as apartments and the Central control unit for houses and commercial premises. The central control unit has the benefit of being able to control all rooms in the property from one place, handy for holidays and turning the system on and off at the start / end of season.

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