Touch Screen Control Centre
Touch Screen Control Centre
Touch Screen Control Centre TSCC can control up to 100 scenes TSCC TSCC TSCC TSCC Smartlife

Touch Screen Control Centre


Key features:

  • Run smart Control functions with just one tap
  • Customise your heating based on your routine
  • Manual or remote operation via App
  • 4″ touch screen display
  • Compatible with other Smart Home Accessories

Rapid dispatch

2 year warranty

Reduce heating Cost

Energy efficient

Easy Installation

Zero Maintenance

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  • Description


    Take full control of your heating routines with the Herschel Touch Screen Control Centre, a central hub where you can activate Smart Life Scenes to fully customise your heating to fit around your schedule. Decided to head out for the day or going on holiday for longer? Save energy by never heating an empty home through Tap-to-Run Scenes, which can override any existing Schedules to ensure you have full control over your infrared heating. The Touch Screen Control Centre can be conveniently controlled using the 4″ touch screen display; where you can quickly access two of your chosen Scenes from the home screen, or simply swipe right to find all Configured Scenes on your Smart Life app. This display also features the time, date, and weather status.

    Not home? The Touch Screen Control Centre can also be controlled remotely through the Smart Life App, so no matter where you are, you will always have full control over your infrared heating.

    The Touch Screen Control Centre is wired directly to the mains circuit, and must be installed within range of a 2.4Ghz WiFi network. The Touch Screen Control Centre is designed to operate with Smart Life Scenes, so no wiring directly to the panel or thermostats is required.

    The unit size is 86 x 86 x 36mm.

    Note: The Touch Screen Control Centre will not work with the T-BT Battery Powered Thermostat. 

  • Technical

    Technical Specifications

    Voltage: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz

    Installation: Wall-mounted

    Wifi Band: 2.4GHz

    Programming: Via Smart Life Scenes

    App Control: Smartlife App Control

    Quality & Safety


    EU/ UK Electrical Safety: EN62368; EN60950 Compliant

    AUS/ NZ Electrical Safety: RCM Compliant. Low risk appliance.

    Electromagnetic Certification: EN62311; EN62479 Compliant

    Radio Emissions Certification: EN300328; EN301489 Compliant

    Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS): IEC 62321 Compliant

    Warranty: 2 Years

    Note: Wiring: Live + Neutral. Appliance is Class II and does not require earthing

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    Download the SmartLife App:

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