Warming up the high street

Fantastic to see Herschel’s Aspect XL space heaters installed in a well-known high street fashion brand.

Retail store heating Aspect XL for shops

The retail sector can often find it problematic to keep their stores warm for customers and staff given the draughts created from the continual opening of entrance doors.  Our zero light space heating range provides a lower wattage solution than other heating alternatives and can be zoned to ensure people are warmed exactly where they need it.  This ability to create heated zones, and individually target specific areas for heating, can deliver significant energy savings. Convection heating needs to heat the entire space as it is not possible to contain air within a specific zone.

The Aspect XL is a stylish, no light solution that fits in with the contemporary layout of the store and is generating great feedback from staff in terms of comfort levels. Perfect for public spaces where aesthetics are important, we also offer the designer Pulsar and other our Advantage range for all spaces depending on your application and heating requirements.

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