Towards Zero Carbon heating with Infrared – download our white paper

Clean, renewable energy is a growing & key part of the UK energy mix. Climate policy & subsidy support have driven the growth in renewable electricity over the last decade and growth is now driven by sound economics. Zero carbon heating is not only a possibility but a reality with Infrared.

We see a future where all heating will be electric, powered by renewable/low carbon sources, and have designed numerous installations that combine these two fast-growing and proven technologies.

Our Director of Renewables Integration, Andy Baird, has an established track record within the solar industry.  Furthermore, he is committed to helping homeowners, businesses and the public sector understand how they can lessen their environmental impact through using sustainable and efficient technologies.  Visit our website to download his recent white paper where he shares his insights on the benefits of integrating Herschel Infrared with solar PV and renewables.

Inform your decision-making by reading about:

  • case studies which integrate infrared heating with renewables
  • how solar works with Herschel Infrared
  • the role of storage
  • why control is key
  • how to reduce a buildings carbon footprint

Director of Renewables Integration

So if you have a specific project to discuss, or simply want to explore how the combination of infrared and solar add up to a zero carbon heating solution, please download our paper and get in touch: email Andrew Baird.

Infrared heating and renewable energy represent an ideal heat and power solution for the future.  We are passionate about technologies that help deliver a greener and sustainable future.

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