Our Full Product Range

Our Full Product Range

Herschel is the global specialist in Infrared heaters, producing infrared heaters for commercial, industrial, domestic and outdoor applications.

We guarantee our heaters for up to 10 years. Made of the highest quality components, our heaters are built to last. They are subject to rigorous testing by national approval authorities and are available in appropriate local voltages.

White Infrared Panels

White Infrared Panels

Our white infrared panel heaters provide energy efficient, discreet heating and are highly versatile. They can be installed on walls or ceilings and are ideal bedrooms and living areas. Also suitable for commercial heating installations.

We offer frameless white panels from our premium Inspire range and our high performance Select XL range range.

Panels from our popular Select range have a white frame.

Glass Infrared Panels

Glass Infrared Panels

Our glass infrared panel heaters offer an elegant, contemporary look. They are a popular choice for kitchens, study’s, offices and for homeowners wanting a modern look throughout their property.

Our glass infrared panels are frameless and use high-quality enforced safety glass (ESG), They should be wall-mounted only.

Glass infrared panels are available from our premium Inspire range and our high performance Select XL range. Both are suitable for home and commercial use.

Mirror Infrared Panels

Mirror Infrared Panels

Perfect for heating bathrooms, Herschel Mirror Infrared panels do not mist up when on and radiates infrared heat directly into the room. This helps keep bathrooms cosy, walls and fittings warm, dry and free of mould. They are also a popular choice for hallways and living rooms.

All mirror panels are made with mirrored safety glass, are slimline and frameless.
Mirror infrared panels are available from our premium Inspire range and our high performance Select XL range. Both are suitable for home and commercial use.

Infrared Picture panels

Infrared Picture panels

Make a stunning centrepiece of any room by having your favourite picture printed on an infrared heater panel. Our Inspire picture panels are fully bespoke, made and printed in Germany and guaranteed for 10 years.

All panel are printed on glass with a choice of high quality matt or gloss finish. Panels come frameless as standard but a wide range of frames are available as an option or simply add your own.

Slimline, easy to mount and install the panels are manufactured and designed to last a lifetime – just take them with you if you move house.

Infrared Towel Heaters

Infrared Towel Heaters

Infrared Towel Heaters make an attractive, functional and economical addition to any bathroom.

These heaters from our popular Select XL range heat your bathroom, warm and dry your towels and also eliminate moisture in the bathroom due to the action of the infrared on the walls.

Turn your bathroom into a showpiece with an Infrared Mirror and Towel Rail.

Ceiling Grid Heater Panels

Ceiling Grid Heater Panels

Commercial and public buildings like offices, hospitals and schools often have false ceilings composed of a metal grid with acoustic tiles.

These grids make excellent spaces to install panel heaters pointing downwards to warm the room and occupants below. A 700W heater will fit the standard 60x120cm ceiling grid space and can warm an area from 13-15m2, so replacing a tile with a heater every few metres provides a very discreet, even heat coverage for very low energy consumption. Ceiling panel heaters are therefore particularly suitable to consider during refurbishment or remodelling work.  The radiant nature of Herschel Infrared means the heat goes exactly where you want it and you don’t waste excess energy warming up unused areas of a room.

Ceiling grid heater panels also allow full usage of wall and floor space. There is no noise and no moving parts and no maintenance. Infrared heat also maintains a healthy damp-free atmosphere making it ideal for care homes and hospitals. A simple system, easy to install, easy to control room by room without wasting energy needlessly heating unoccupied spaces or forcing you to avoid bulky wall-mounted convectors.

The Herschel Select ceiling heater is available only in a white aluminium finish with a white aluminium frame.

We offer a full service for commercial ceilings, including estimating your requirements through our online calculation tool or a survey service for larger projects, and our full product range is available through a wide Australian distribution network. Available through many heating specialists and national electrical wholesalers.

Space Heating

Space Heating

Improve comfort levels and save energy with our innovative space heating range

Specially designed for heating areas within large buildings, our infrared space heaters directly heat areas that require heating, where and where people are working or relaxing.

The ability to create heated zones can result in significant cost savings when compared to convection heating (fan heaters, air curtains, air conditioning), because hot air cannot be contained within a zone.

Our heaters are installed to radiate infrared heat outwards and downwards and will warm people, objects and the building itself within the effective area of each heater.
Herschel heaters have rapid warm up times, are easy to install, low maintenance, completely silent and built to last. Compared to quartz and halogen heaters which are too hot and intense for most indoor applications, we only offer zero light or warm glow heaters which produce a pleasant and naturally absorbed heat – perfect for keeping people warm for prolonged periods of time.

For heating areas which are in the public eye such as retail space, halls, large reception areas, bars, restaurants, churches etc, choose heaters from our designer space heater range. Where aesthetics are less important such as industrial units, maintenance bays, warehouse packing areas, factories and workshops, our warehouse and industrial heaters are the perfect solution.

Outdoor heaters

Outdoor heaters

Love life and live outdoors with the new Herschel range

The lines between indoor and outdoor living have become blurred and in recent years there has been a huge shift towards indoor entertaining spaces that open up into outdoor spaces.

Until now heating these areas has been difficult. Most outdoor heaters are unattractive and produce an uncomfortable glare. This has all changed and Herschel has specially developed a range of high quality, high performance, silent, stylish heaters that are ideal for these situations.

All our heaters are built to the highest quality standards and designed to be energy efficient, maintenance free with long lifetimes.

For more exposed outdoor areas we recommend warm glow heaters from our Sunset range. For indoor and sheltered outdoor areas our zero light heaters are the perfect choice. All heaters are suitable for domestic and commercial use.

Our Sunset Range

Herschel California and Colorado heaters are perfect for socialising outdoors at home or for commercial areas including bars, restaurants and café terraces. Recommended where instant heat and high power are required but without the invasive light and intense heat quartz halogen outdoor heaters on the market.

California and Colorado feature Herschel’s powerful, long life and energy efficient carbon fibre lamp. This produces a pleasant ambience and warm orange soft glow, with a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours.

With its cutting edge design, the California is re-defining outdoor heating and is the most stylish outdoor heater of its kind. Featuring high weather protection, remote control and available in silver, black and limited edition gold, the California is our top of the range heater and is sure to impress.

The Herschel Colorado combines a tasteful and sleek design with a powerful 2.5kw output. Available with or without remote control, Colorado is a versatile heater and is guaranteed to keep you comfortably warm, whatever the weather.

Both heaters offer high weather protection for outdoor installation and can be mounted on a portable stand (available separately).

Our Zero Light Range

For indoor-outdoor heating our zero light range is for you. Perfect for sheltered areas with low air movement and where light from the heater is not wanted, our Summit and Aspect XL heaters deliver gentle and but effective heating. They are ideal where more permanent heat is required such as semi-enclosed eating areas, balconies, conservatories and covered patios.

Both heaters are extensively used for heating customers and staff by leading café and retail chains as well as high end restaurants, pubs and hotels.

The Summit features Herschel’s powerful 2.6kw Kanthal heating element and is available with or without remote. Slimline and unobtrusive, Summit can wall ceiling mounted, suspended or wall mounted.

Our popular Aspect XL is a compact high performance heater utilising our unique high output ceramic elements. Ideal for wall mounting, Aspect XL is a contemporary design and is backed up with our 5 year warranty.

Mix & Match
Mix and match warm glow Sunset heaters for your more exposed areas with our Zero Light range for more sheltered areas.

Herschel Infrared means stylish and comfortable, hassle free heating for indoor-outdoor living.

Heating controllers

Heating controllers

intelligent control

Make your property smart, warm and energy efficient

Herschel Infrared Panels can simply be plugged in, but they do not have in built controls, so to ensure you manage optimum comfort levels and maximise energy efficiency they should be controlled by our Herschel iQ controls.
We have 2 options:

Herschel iQ Single Zone control pack

Single Zone Control

1. For simple room by room control our Herschel iQ single zone heater control pack comes with a battery operated room thermostat controller and a receiver. The receiver (R1) needs to be hard wired into the electric mains and also to the panel. It can be surface mounted or recessed. The receiver wirelessly pairs to the thermostat controller (T1). For convenience, the controller comes pre-progammed with our suggested heating schedule or can be amended to suit your requirements. The controller can be conveniently wall mounted or freestanding and communicates with the receiver to turn the panel on or off as required.

Herschel WH1 Group controller

Central Control

2. For whole house / property control solution our WH1 Central Control unit can be used as an alternative to the single zone heater control pack. Each panel will still need to be hard wired to the R1 wireless receiver (available separately) and each receiver then pairs with the central controller. All heating schedules and control is then via the central controller which communicates to each receiver and uses the receiver to measure the room temperature. The WH1 is touch screen and hard wired to mains electricity.

It is more cost effective to use the central controller in place of the single zone heater packs from 7 rooms / zones upwards.

We recommend the Single Zone heater control pack for smaller properties such as apartments and the Central control unit for houses and commercial premises. The central control unit has the benefit of being able to control all rooms in the property from one place, handy for holidays and turning the system on and off at the start / end of season.